Friends Of Barbuda

Sir Richie Richardson

“When I got the call to come to West Sussex, I was of course keen to come and help raise awareness.  Antigua and Barbuda have long had visitors from this region of the UK and we know that people want to help the country that they have been going to for many years.”

Piers Morgan

“It’s fantastic to see my friend Sir Richie getting behind such a wonderful fund-raising event for the people of Barbuda. As someone who has travelled to that part of the world many times, I was horrified to see the devastation caused by the hurricane last year. I wish everyone involved in the Barbuda Cup, players and sponsors alike, a very successful day”

John Salako

“I am a huge fan of the Caribbean and I have had many fantastic holidays to all the Islands. Looking forward to many more. Devastating to see what happened to Barbuda. Heart-breaking but they are not alone and together we will help them to re build their gorgeous Island and lives. Thanks for all your support.”

Sir Don McKinnon

“When hurricanes hit big countries they hit one small part of the country, when hurricanes hit islands they usually demolish most of the Island.

Too often this happens on one or another of the Caribbean Islands and it is remarkable how rapidly people get back on their feet.

Nevertheless for those of you sitting in non hurricane areas just think for two minutes as to how you can help the people of Barbuda, then just act on that thought.

Whatever you do will be much appreciated by the people on that lovely Island.”

Jordan Wylie

“It is an honour to support this very important fundraising event for the people of Barbuda after they experienced total devastation in the wake of Hurricane Irma. I have seen first hand around the world how natural disasters, war, conflict and other events have shattered communities. It is important that we as a nation continue to support Barbuda as they continue the mass reconstruction and recovery efforts.”

Lewis Hatchett

“The Caribbean has a special place in my heart and I have experienced a hurricane on a small island before, knowing that the devastation that it causes is heart breaking. I am really looking forward to supporting such a great day with excellent people for a brilliant cause.”

Maria Tulley

“Having seen what happened in the Caribbean, it is shocking to know that the island of Barbuda was affected so badly. I am delighted that I can help by supporting The Barbuda Cup to help raise awareness for this situation, and that this may go some way to get help where it is needed”

Geoffrey Dean

“On a visit to Barbuda  in 2012 to write a travel piece, I was struck not just by the beauty of the islands’ famously white beaches but also by the friendliness and decency of the respective peoples. To see the devastation to their lives and property was heart-wrenching. Whatever we can do to help them will be enormously appreciated.”

Guy Butters

“I work on a daily basis for Albion in the Community and understand the important support this brings. I cannot imagine what it must be like for the people of Barbuda not to have a support mechanism to lean on. Anything I can help to bring  awareness to the situation is the least I can do”

Adam Harnett

“I am extremely honoured to be involved in supporting such a worthwhile cause. The devastation that hit this wonderful island is truly saddening. Hopefully in time and with the support of events such as the Barbuda Cup, the Island the people of Barbuda can rebuild their homes and lives.”

Sir Viv Richards

Andy Gomarsall MBE

Shaun Udal

Alex Alley

Kerry Mayo

Jason Dodd

Kevin O’Brien

Devon Malcolm

Graham Otway